Plugin Wordpress

What is it?
Wordpress Concerts Importer is a plugin for wordpress focused for music blogs.

What’s for?
You can use it to search and seek information about gigs/concerts from your wordpress editor. With it you can add the concert’s information in just a few clicks.

What information does it include?
You can show either the upcoming concerts of an artist or a venue. Or even the details of the concert itself like the address, price, map and the different ticket vendors.

In our blog you can can check many of our posts with the concert information.


1. Download the plugin

2. Upload the folder 5gigconcerts to the directory:

3. Give writting permission (chmod 775) to the folder:

4. Activate the plugin

5. Go to section Settings > 5gig Concerts, there you write down your 5gig api key

6. If you want that in the events you show to add a map of where the concert takes place, add the api key that Google supplies


Look for concerts of artists, venues in some city to add them to the editor  You can add a concert or a list of the upcoming concerts  Preview a concert in your blog, the map is optional  Preview of all the concert's list in your blog

Do you need help?

In case you might have any doubts, problems or suggestion to improve the plugin get in touch with us.