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  • Nov 12, 2015

    Steps Taken By Brad Paisley to Perfect His Music as 'Crushin' It' World Tour Extended into 2016!

    The development of music across the world has increased cohesion and integration. This has been facilitated with the ability of people to easily interact during music live show leading to increased bonding. This has led to the emergence of many musicians who have taken the music industry t...

  • Oct 01, 2015

    Kenny Rogers Heading Out on One Last Holiday Tour with New Album, 'Once Again It's Christmas,' Out.

    A peek at his upcoming holiday tour schedule indicates that songwriter, singer and country music legend, Kenny Rogers will be singing his heart out to the delight of fans all across the USA and Canada between September 26th and December 23rd of 2015.The main purpose of this tour is to ...

  • Jun 30, 2015

    One Year Suffering From the Effects of the Google Panda Penalty at

    It’s been a little over a year, although in my mind, it feels more like two or three have gone by. I guess that’s what happens when your mind and body take something in and digests it as if it were a personal tragedy.GOOGLE HIJO DE PUTA. — Carlos Sánchez (@txarly) Mayo 21,...

  • Jun 15, 2015

    The Muggs 'Straight Up Boogaloo' Interview Part 3: Album Release. Tour Plans.

    We last had a proper chat with The Muggs prior to their 2013 Spanish and European tour. The Detroit blues rock band has successfullly gained a dedicated fan base in the underground blues/country rock scene of the country stereotypically known for their flamenco music.In 2013, prior ...


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