Bruce Springsteen Schedules Fifteen-Show U.S. Tour Around New Orleans Jazz Fest Appearance.

BruceSpringsteen_armscrossedThe world-famous working man from Jersey (good things did once come out of New Jersey!) currently is playing Australia with his E Street Band after making his debut in South Africa this past month. We’ve known for some time that Springsteen was scheduled to perform at the 2014 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, but has now decided to sandwich that festival appearance with a set of 15 tour dates.

The spring 2014 leg of The Boss seemingly-endless world tour will see him play the Eastern half of the United States, making it as far West as Texas for his May 6th gig at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, outside of Houston. His tour will screech to a roaring halt after playing Uncasville, Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Arena on May 17th and 18th.

There’s no need to hype up a Bruce show. The Springsteen experience is something all music fans have heard dedicated followers rave about on and on again. Besides the essential original hits filling his setlist, fans are treated to some great covers.

As they’re currently down under touring Australia, they’ve decided to play to the hometown crowd with their version of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” (check it out below)!

[5gig_artist]bruce springsteen:US[/5gig_artist]
2014 Bruce Springsteen tour dates and tickets.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival annually brings a jaw-dropping lineup and 2014 is no exception. This year, in its 45th installment, huge, recognizable names like Eric Clapton, Phish, Santana, Robert Plant, and John Fogerty will share the stage with today’s hottest acts, including: Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, Alabama Shakes, and countless others!

Year after year is one of the best lineups you’ll find across North America, if not across the globe. Heck, even poppy junk like Robin Thicke will be there for those with little-to-no musical taste – something for everyone!

Full New Orleans Jazz Fest lineup and tickets.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band our touring behind January release, high hopes, which immediately shot to number one on the boards.

High Hopes tracklisting:

  1. BruceSpringstreen_highhopesHigh Hopes
  2. Harry’s Place
  3. American Skin (41 Shots)
  4. Just Like Fire Would
  5. Down in the Hole
  6. Heaven’s Wall
  7. Frankie Fell in Love
  8. This Is Your Sword
  9. Hunter of Invisible Game
  10. The Ghost of Tom Joad
  11. The Wall
  12. Dream Baby Dream



Watch Bruce Springsteen cover “Highway to Hell” by Aussie band AC/DC at the Perth Arena:

Bruce Springsteen Adds More Dates to North American Tour

Bruce Springsteen hasn’t forgotten about his homeland while on tour headlining concerts and summer festivals across Europe. In fact, The Boss has even extended the second leg of his 2012 North American tour by adding several October, November, and December tour dates.

The second leg of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band‘s ‘Wrecking Ball’ 2012 North American tour takes off August 14th with back-to-back shows August 14th and 15th at Boston’s historic Fenway Park. They’ll then play a nearby concert at Gillette Stadium before heading across Canada and the United States.

Tour highlights are sure to include other back-to-back shows September 2nd and 3rd at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, September 7th and 8th at Wrigley Field in Chicago, as well as a three-night stand and hometown shows September 19th, 21st, and 22nd at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He’s been playing marathon sets regularly ranging from three to four hours.

Bruce Springsteen is touring in support of his newest album, Wrecking Ball, which was released March 5th and debuted at the number one spot on the charts. Wrecking Ball represents Springsteen’s 17th studio album and, to surprisingly, features heavily politically and socially-charged lyrics.

Tickets for most dates go on sale now and available here.

Complete Bruce Springsteen tour dates and tickets.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band playing “Drive All Night” in Gothenburg

[5gig_artist]bruce springsteen:all[/5gig_artist]

Bruce Springsteen Announces Second Leg of 2012 Wrecking Ball Tour

Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band are wrapping up the first leg of their “Wrecking Ball Tour” to rave reviews and have just announced 10 dates for the second leg, which will take place in August and September (complete tour dates below).

Bruce Springsteen is touring in support of his newest album, Wrecking Ball, which was released March 5th and debuted at the number one spot on the charts. Wrecking Ball represents Springsteen’s 17th studio album and, to surprisingly, features heavily politically and socially-charged lyrics.

Although theme-wise the album has a straight-forward, anti-Wallstreet theme, the music is very experimental with inspiration coming from many different places. Springsteen explained the writing process to Rolling Stone, “The record basically started out as folk music – just me and a guitar singing these songs…Then Ron brought a large library of sound that allowed me to explore – like maybe a hip-hop drum loop or country-blues stomp loop. The actual drums came later. There was no preconceived set of instruments that needed to be used, I could go anywhere, do anything, use anything. It was very wide open.” Read more

Ranking: lustige Stürze von der Bühne

Wir lieben Sammlungen, deshalb haben wir entschlossen diese lustige Ranking Euch zu präsentieren: das Ergebnis ist, was Ihr unten finden, die zwölf besten Stürze von der Bühne.

Niemand wurde ernsthaft verletzt, nur gedemütigt – also nicht das Lachen zurückhalten.

Wir sind sicher dass wir viele gute Videos verpasst haben, also empfehle uns Eure Favoriten! Viel Spaß!

12. Bruce Springsteen fällt, während Er auf der Bühne in Stockholm (Schweden) rockt.

11. Robbie Williams fällt, Minute 00:05!

10. Taylor Swift rutscht und stürzt.

9. Beyoncé und seinen Kopf- Bewegungen könnten nicht gut fürs Gleichgewicht sein.

8. Auh! Das tut weh, Bono stolperte über ihre eigenen Füße und stürzte auf der Bühne.

7. Katy Perry und ihr lustiges Kuche absturz.

6. Joe Jonas beim AMAs fällt über zerbrochenes Glas.

5. Arme Shakira…

4. Lady Gaga fällt von Klavier in Houston.

3. Siehts so aus als die Bühne in Dakota nicht groß genug für Steven Tyler ist…

2. Pink fliegt während “So What” in Deutschland.

1. Dave Grohl findet sich auf nummer 1 in unserem Ranking!

Findest Du es schlimm, wenn Stars so etwas passiert? Verrat es uns in den Kommentaren!

Our Favorite On-Stage Falls

We’re huge fans of fail compelations, especially when they have to do with cartoonish falls and arm-flailing wipe outs, so we decided: why not combine that with music? The result is what you’ll find below, our twelve favorite on-stage falls.

Most of the falls involve singers getting a little carried away, but, as you’ll soon see, they come in all shapes in sizes. No one was seriously hurt, just humiliated — so don’t hold back that laughter.

We’re sure we missed plenty of good videos, some we haven’t even seen yet, so feel free to comment and point out your favorites! Enjoy

12. Bruce Springsteen slips while doing a little jig onstage in Stockholm, Sweden.

11. Scott Weiland falls off stage in Cincinnati during “Crackerman,” but mysteriously doesn’t miss a note…

10. Chad Ginsburg didn’t want to leave the stage after CKY’s St. Patrick’s Day show and bites it while jamming to Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.”

9. Axl Rose takes quite a spill during “Out Ta Get Me” at Gun N’ Roses’ 1989 LA gig

8. Bono plunges off the stages and then hams it up for the camera

7. Lil Wayne comes crashing down in Chicago, arms flailing and all

6. Joe Jonas trips on a prop door at the AMAs, cutting his hand on broken glass

5. English rapper Dizzee Rascal belly flops off stage

4. Lady Gaga falls off her piano in Houston

3. Turns out the stage in South Dakota wasn’t big enough for Steven Tyler’s moves

2. Pink takes flight at the beginning of “So What” in Germany

1. Dave Grohl face plants during “Everlong” in Auckland, New Zealand but gets the number one spot on our list for his recovery

Like we said… we’re sure we missed plenty and these kinds of videos help get us through the day, so share your favorites!!

Listen to Bruce Springsteen Track “Shackled and Drawn”

With his 17th studio album set for release just two weeks from now, Bruce Springsteen will be streaming a song a day starting today to get fans even more geared up for Wrecking Ball. Today’s song is “Shackled and Drawn and can be streamed here today only.

We’ve already heard a few tracks off Wrecking Ball, as the lead single “We Take Care of Our Own” was released last month (see music video below). Wrecking Ball is the first Springsteen album since 2009’s Working on a Dream, which debuted number one on the charts.

From what we’ve heard, it appears the album has a strong political message, as the financial crisis has motivated Springsteen to bash the political powers and question American moral with songs like “We Take Care of Our Own” and “Easy Money.” He recently shared his motivation behind the songs during a performance in Paris, saying Read more

Bruce Springsteen “Wrecking Ball” Tour Details

Bruce Springsteen will once again hit the road with the E Street Band in support of their new album, Wrecking Ball (complete dates below). Read more

Bruce Springsteen actuará en el Estadio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Gracias a Ed Crane que nos ha incluido la información a través de Facebook leemos en que Bruce Springsteen estará actuando el 15 de mayo en el Estadio de Gran Canaria. Según parece se confirmó ayer mismo en la feria de FITUR y a través “del promotor del concierto del músico norteamericano en la capital grancanaria, Leopoldo Mansito, explicó que las entradas saldrán a la venta el próximo 1 de febrero, que se habilitará un total de 46.000 localidades en el Estadio de Gran Canaria, y que habrá dos precios, uno de 60 euros para las sillas que se instalarán en el césped, y otro de 70 euros para la grada numerada”

A pesar de todo, estamos a la espera de la confirmación oficial ya que desde la página oficial no hay información al respecto. Una vez confirmado, avisaremos de los puntos de venta dónde se podrán adquirir las entradas.

¡Confirmado por DoctorMusic! Las entradas para el concierto de Bruce Springsteen en Las Palmas se podrán adquirir a partir de las 10h (9h en las Islas Canarias y UK) del jueves 9 de febrero. Y es que por lo visto había un problema con los transportes de la carga por lo que estábamos a la espera de la confirmación oficial por parte de la promotora Doctor Music. Con este concierto, son un total de seis fechas en las que podremos ver a El Boss por nuestro país.

Bruce Springsteen’s New Album ‘Wrecking Ball’ Due Out March 6th

Bruce Springsteen fans can start gearing up for new material from The Boss, as his forthcoming album Wrecking Ball will be released March 6th. Wrecking Ball represents Springsteen‘s 17th album and the first single “We Take Care of Our Own” was released today (preview below). Read more

Happy New Year From!!!

Nursing that New Year’s Eve hangover this Sunday afternoon? There’s no better time to take a look at what 2012 has in store for us musically than right now. We’ve outlined the biggest tours and reunions set for 2012 so far, check it out!

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