Radiohead to Tour in 2012

Yesterday we blogged that Radiohead had scheduled two New York City shows to accompany their performances on Saturday Night Live and The Colbert Report. Well, last night Radiohead frontman, Thom Yorke, made an appearance on BBC Radio 1 and talked about plans to tour in 2012.

We can only hope that this will be another world tour, similar to their 2008 tour that started in May and lasted all summer long.

Consequence of Sound summarizes Yorke’s comments about a 2012 tour as: “The idea is to go out and play next year on and off during the year,” Yorke explained, adding that the band got a “massive buzz” from their surprise set at the Glastonbury Music Festival. “It feels like a good idea now that we figured out how to play it to go and do it in front of people for a bit.”

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Radiohead playing “Paranoid Android” live



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