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Ring in the Spring with Our List of Top Ten Springy Tunes!

Today, March 20th, 2013, marks the first-ever “International Happiness Day,” which not-so-coincidently coincides with the first day of spring.

So, we at 5gig.com have taken it upon ourselves to put our heads together, imagine that we’re in a warmer place driving down the road with our favorite tunes cranked up, and come up with our favorite “Spring-themed” songs.

With a little help from Five Best, we’ve come up with a collection of songs with lyrics related to the season of renewal, or simply songs that remind us of thawing ice, birds chirping, and growing buds.

As always, we’re sure we’re missing a ton of good ones. So,.. let us know your favorite change-of-the-season tunes below in the commentary box!

Enjoy and Happy Spring 5giggers!

10. “Spring” – Vivaldi – what other way can we start the new season than with a touch of class?

9. “No Rain” – Blind Melon — we’re good and sick of the rain, plus this is one of the classic MTV-days music videos!

8. “First Day of Spring” – Noah and the Whale.

7. “November” – Tom Waits – as the lyrics say, “November has tied me, To an old dead tree, Get word to April, To rescue me.”

6. “Spring Fever” – Elvis.

5. “I Just Called to Say I Love You” – Stevie Wonder.

4. “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison – nothing more than a feel good classic.

3. “Centerfield” – John Fogerty – because what means spring (and the end of winter) more than the start of the baseball season?

2. “Island in the Sun” – Weezer – dedicated to all those spring breakers out there.

1. “Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles – here comes the sun, and it’s damn about time!

Watch Beck Perform “Sound and Vision” From 360º.

Backed by a 167-piece orchestra and choir, Beck performs an epic nine-minute cover of David Bowie‘s “Sound and Vision” in this staggering 360º video.

The project was recorded on a 360º camera binaural with sound capabilities, where it captures the sound from all different angles. There’s no doubt the video shows off top quality audio and video, so even if you’re not a big fan of Beck or Bowie yourself, you can still take the time to appreciate the recording.

The video was directed by Chris Milk and, although Spin has claimed it can cause dizzyness, this certainly hasn’t been the case with us. You’ll need to practice some patience while the video loads (even in the standard definition option, although it’s totally worth the HD viewing experience).

The crazy thing is that once the video’s up and loaded, it’ll ask to access your webcam to locate your face. From there, it will change the view according to how you move. There’s also the multicamera feature, where you can see the things from various angles.

It’s more than worth checking out, so you better stop read and start watching Beck‘s Reimagined “Sound and Vision” right here.

15 ‘Alternative’ Songs for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re a St. Valentine’s Day fan or not, we don’t want you to miss some of the songs that will certainly help you out with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or in the future if you find yourself all alone on a day like today.

Even if you can’t be held down by a relationship (not the worst choice, either), make sure to listen to our list below and enjoy the emotional melodies, lyrics, and composition of some of the songs that have conquered hearts across the world.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to hit PLAY►

15_ Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova- “Falling Slowly”

14_ Incubus- “I miss you”

13_ Low- “Sunflower”

12_ Sinéad O’Connor- “Nothing compares to you”

11_ Standstil- “Cuando ella toca el piano”

10_ The Cure- “LoveSong”

09_ The Knife- “Heartbeats”

08_ The Pogues- “I love you till the end”

07_ The Postal Service- “Such Great Heights”

06_ The Rapture- “How deep is your love”

05_ The Stone Roses- “Ten Storey Love Song”

04_ The Temper Trap- “Sweet Disposition”

03_ The XX- “Angels”

02_ U2- “All I Want Is You”

01_ Wilco- “You and I”

Top 10 Radio Stations to Listen To on World Radio Day.

At work, in the car, even at home, we spend countless hours a day listening to the radio, but it seems like each time they’re full of more commercials and “filler” music. We miss the days of turning on the radio and learning about new bands, discovering great songs, and having a soundtrack to our day.

We at 5gig.com have decided to take advantage of the fact that it’s World Radio Day, and have compiled a list of our favorite stations that play quality, diverse music for you to listen to.

These are a handful of the stations that we regularly listen to here at 5gig HQ, but we’re sure we’re missing a ton and are always on the lookout for new ones! So, if you see anything missing or have a favorite of your own, send it our way and include it in the commentaries section below!

Our favorite radio stations:

BBC Radio1: Fearne Cotton (or Chris Moyles in the past) and the emblematic Pete Tong and Zane Lowe are some of the DJs you’ll find behind the helms of BBC Radio 1. What we most like about this station is that it still gives you the possibility to discover new bands. Their worldwide exclusives help too (A new Muse or Depeche Mode single, anyone?), but it’s really the Live Lounge that knocks our socks off. Bands and solo artists visit the studio to play a few stripped-down versions of their songs, plus a cover (which tends to the be the most interesting – like the Gorillaz playing “Crystallized by The XX.”

Canada’s Rock, ‘The Rock‘: Rock from the 70s into the new millennium is what you’ll find playing from this Canadian station. It’s often tough to find those “old classics” mixed with actual good modern rock music, but this station seems to constantly kick out a quality playlist. Another thing, it’s also fun to follow them on the social networks, as they ask fun questions and even include interesting images like this one of the young Foo Fighters.

feel jah radioFeel Jah: In need of some relaxation or a break from the rest of the world after a long, stressful day? This is the station for you! Tune into Feel Jan to find a mix of classic to modern reggae. It kicks out the jams (Capleton, Groundation, Dennis Brown, Raggasonic, etc.) for 24 hours straight, without interruptions.

Houndstooth Radio: You won’t find any rules, formats, or commercials while listening to this LA-based online radio station. What will you find? How about a heavy dose of new and old indie rock? Maybe some grunge, and definitely the necessary amount of punk! You know what else? Houndstooth transmits from a garage and reminds us a bit of the ‘pirate stations’ back in the day.

Ibiza Global Radio:  Jose Maria Ramon, David Moreno, or even DJs like Cesar de Melero are some of the hosts you’ll find on this emblematic electronic music station. In addition to the laid-back electronica, you’ll come across interesting segments like Reggleution and Deepfusion.

Kexp: Shhh… this is one of our favorite secrets. We discovered this Seattle station by way of their amazing-quality live recordings (video and audio featured) of live, in-studio performances like Nosaj Thing or The XX – they can’t be missed! Aside from that, Kexp plays an eclectic mix of music and even has an “On Demand” section on the website that works quite well!

Oxigénio: This Portuguese station and it’s “Música para respirar“ (Music for Breathing) has us hooked. Indie, chill, remixes, b sides, and a vast variety is what you’ll stumble upon. Relax, take a deep breath, and try to bare through the news segments that tend to take several minute and break the music’s rhythm.

Radio 3: Radio 3 is the most eclectic radio station you’ll find in Spain. Flamenco, Hip Hop, World Music, Electronica, India, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Mash Ups, and an endless list of genres blare throught he speakers when listening to Radio 3. The music, mixed with their exclusives, up-and-coming band features, podcasts, etc., are big selling points, and all can be enjoyed via Android and iPhone apps!

Scanner FM: “the music that you won’t hear on the radio” is their slogan, and you can check it out for yourself. Blues, jazz, indie, rock, pop, latin rock, post-rock, “flamenca y mas,” and an interesting podcast selection are just a small sample of things you’ll be able to listen to on ScannerFM.

Xfm: This London-based station is the go to radio to find the newest trends and hyped tracks in music. For the most part, you’ll find rock, pop, and indie playing over the airwaves. Just like in the Portuguese station, you’ll have to bare with a heavy amount of talking in between segments, which can often times become too much. But, when they play music, they know what they’re doing!
One final recommendation! – although it’s not technically a radio station, 5gig.com HQ is well-known for playing Delicieuse Musique’s Jukebox. We HIGHLY recommend it! There are very few places you’ll find such a great mix of techno, house, electronica, etc. We’ve discovered countless DJs just by pushing play and letting the Jukebox do it’s thing!

Now, it’s your turn to tune in! Let us know what you think and any recommendations of your own!


Festival 101: Survivng BPM Festival in Mexico

It’s starting to get cold across the country but, lucky for electronic music fans, The BPM festival is just 17 days away in sunny Playa de Carmen, Mexico! With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to start looking at what it takes to survive an electronic music festival. What you’ll find below are the basics to make the best out of festival conditions and enjoy that music while having the best time possible.

Bringing the right attitude is the most important thing you can bring to any music festival. Note that the festival experience is for a special type of person who is in it to have a great time. You are going to be roughing it, things are going to get dirty, sweaty, and nasty. You are bound to lose something and see some crazy things. Go to the festival with an open mind and good vibes will come to you. Everyone is there to have a great time, so make friends with your campsite neighbors and people you meet at the festival. Here’s how you can make sure to enhance your delight at the BPM Festival in January in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico headed your way!

Party Smart

Whenever you’re away from the festival, lock valuables in your car. Check the festival website before you go to see what you are and aren’t allowed to bring into the festival as it changes. Some allow small backpacks; some don’t. Some allow sealed water bottles; others allow you to bring empty water bottles to fill on the festival grounds. Bring cash to avoid the need to carry your card and pricey ATM charges.

Wear layers and clothes that can transition easily from night to day. If you’re planning on wearing full on rave wear in the evening take a break right before sunset to change, don’t wear it all day. Wear a swim suit under your clothes and bring a jumper. Walkie-talkies are a great way to avoid having to bring, and risk losing, your phone, although channels can get crowded if a lot of people have the same idea. Group shirts are a great way to keep track of friends along with “people markers.” From giant inflatable alligators to colorful signs, some people carry these above their heads as an easy way to find friends in large crowds.

Building Home Base

Regular camping varies drastically from the festival experience. Take into account the type of climate you are going to be in while packing. Rain boots, ponchos, and umbrellas may be needed in areas susceptible to rain. Think about whether you will be in dirt or grass and the types of problems that can occur in both.

Bring a tent; if the area you will be camping in can become wet, bring a plastic tarp to put under your tent to prevent morning dew to seep into your tent. If you are camping in the open and in the hot spring and summer months, you’ll want to buy a large canopy to cover the entire campsite as shade can make a huge difference in temperature and comfort.

Bring an air mattress, pillows and blankets. You’ll want to make the little sleep you’ll be getting good sleep to boost your energy and keep your body going throughout the festival. Bring chairs for downtown and something to play music from. A portable outlet that can be plugged into an AV jack is a great idea for charging cell phones and camera batteries. Get a full tank of gas before parking in the festival. If you don’t want to turn your car on during the festival, purchase a solar powered battery charger.

Keep It Clean

It’s inevitable, things are going to get smelly and dirty. Most festival campsites offer shower stations, but getting into a shower usually requires waking up as the rooster is crowing to get in first or waiting in an hour-plus line. Bring a towel and wash cloth or loufa designated specifically for personal hygiene. Invest in dry shampoo, body wipes, face wipes, a mirror, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a razor. Ladies, putting on makeup and doing your hair is pretty pointless, so wear styles that compliment your natural hair, and bring hats and headbands.

Bring headache medicine, Airborne and vitamins to keep your immune system strong. Bring multiple lip balms – as they are easy to lose – sun-block and bug spray. Bring a disinfectant spray for the campsite, hand sanitizer and Febreze because things are going to smell a little ripe there. Keep your campsite clean by picking up after yourself. Bring trash bags, paper towels and ash trays. Do your part to keep it clean.

The BPM Festival takes place January 4th to 14th in the beautiful Caribbean costal town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, just south of Cancun. BPM 2013 features some of the biggest names in electronic and dance music, our favorite DJs include: Steve AngelloCarl Cox, Richie HawtinStacey PullenSeth TroxlerChus & Ceballos, Loco Dice, Steve Angello, The Martinez Brothers, among MANY others.

Complete BPM Festival lineup:

If We’re All Going Down, We Might As Well Do It Rockin’!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and there are two major parties left this year – Christmas and New Years. One’s a family celebration, while the latter is a perfect excuse to get wild with friends at a concert, festival, or club event.

The only problem, there’s one ominous date standing in our way before we can even beging to think about all the NYE festivities – the possible end of the world!

With that in mind, we at 5gig.com have compiled a list of the best festivals, concerts, club events, etc., going down the weekend the Maya calendar comes to an end. We scanned our concert agendas in the biggest cities across North America to find the best gigs out there. Take a look below to see the results! Be sure to include any event happening in your town we missed!

Afterall, if we’re all going down, we might as well do it rockin’ and dancin’! Plus, it’s a Friday, so what else would we be doing anyways?

Top concerts to celebrate the end of the world: Friday, December 21, 2012!





Stream Green Day’s New Album ‘Tre’. Documentary ‘Cuatro’ on its Way.

Pop punk band Green Day was surrounded with a whirlwind of momentum during the late summer to early fall months. With plans to release a ‘three-disk’ album of sorts staggered over several months, Green Day was back on top of the music world with a massive world tour and headlining festival performances planned.

However, after frontman and guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong’s supposed meltdown at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September, he since has checked into rehab, consequently putting all the big plans Green Day had on hold.

To compensate for all the cancelled and postponed tour dates, Green Day decided to release the third album of their 2012 trilogy (which was originally scheduled to come out in January 2012) a bit early. !Tre¡ is due out next week (December 11th in North America), but the band has made the album available in its entirety for fans worldwide to stream!

Fans in the North American can listen via iHeartRadio.

Fans in the UK can listen via NME Magazine‘s online stream.

Additionally, Billy Joe, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt have announced plan for yet another project – this time a documentary entitled Quatro, which will see the light of day in Fall of 2013.

According to Consequence of Sound, director Tim Lynch claims the album “pulls back the curtain and takes fans inside the world of Green Day, from the various spontaneous live performances in select cities across the U.S. to the chronicling of their creative process while conceptualizing and recording their current trilogy of albums.”

Bassist Mike Dirnt adds: “Over the last year while we were recording our trilogy, we posted multiple clips every week so fans can see parts of the recording process of ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!, ¡Quatro! brings our fans one step closer by giving them even more access and revealing what it was like for us to make these records.”

Mark it on your calendars, as the Green Day documentary is scheduled to make its premiere on November 28th on VH1.

Swedish House Duo Dada Life Touring North America. Stream New Album Below.

Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom and Dada Life. With their eclectic style and electro house sound, Dada Life has enjoyed a dramatic burst onto the popular sound stage scene, noted for their extravagant and prop-ridden live shows known to incite riots. The duo live by their own set of rules, among them including “If you’re stuck, there’s only one solution: go harder”, “If you don’t want to get wet, you don’t want to have fun”, and “Bass don’t cry.”

Current Dada Life albums for purchase or order: Just Do the Dada (2009), Just Do the Dada (Extended and Remixes) (2010), and The Rules Of Dada (2012).

Dada Life is accustomed to headlining top electronic shows across Europe and North America, such as the Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival. Right now you can catch the Swedes and their house beats across the US and Canada, as they’re headlining their own club tour in support of new album, The Rules of Dada. Tour highlights should include their gigs at Vancouver, Las Vegas, Houston and Miami Beach.

Complete Dada Life tour dates and tickets.

Sign up for Dada Life Gig Alerts to receive e-mail alerts when they announce concerts in your city!

Stream Dada Life’s new album, ‘The Rules of Dada’ below!

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga to Record Jazz Album?

According to an interview with Rolling Stone, it appears as though Tony Bennett will once again head to the studio with Lady Gaga, this time for a full-length jazz album.

The two teamed up last year on Bennett‘s Duets II album for a version of the famous “The Lady is a Tramp” tune. Duets II album featured 17 different duets transcending music genres, as he teamed up with artists across the musical spectrum, spanning various vocal styles, including John MayerAretha FranklinSheryl CrowWillie NelsonQueen LatifahNorah JonesAndrea BocelliFaith HillCarrie UnderwoodMariah Carey, and the late Amy Winehouse, among others.

Tony Bennett has been a big supporter of Lady Gaga, especially since their sessions together. He refers to her as the “musical Picasso” and touts her undervalued jazz voice, saying “We’re gonna do a jazz album with Marion Evans, a big swing band, and I’m looking forward to it because a lot of people don’t know it, but she’s a phenomenal jazz singer.”

It seems as though this project came about from a phone call Gaga made to Bennett from New Zealand proposing the idea to him. He glady accepted and hopes to get started on it as soon as possible.

The only problem: Lady Gaga is currently trotting around the globe on her 2012/2013 Born This Way Ball tour and has a new solo album Artpop planned for release in 2013.

Her “Monsters Ball Tour” spanned three years (2009 to 2011) and two albums (2009′s The Fame Monster and 2011′s Born This Way. Her current tour looks to rival that, as she’s been going strong since April with no signs of slowing down and even more North American concerts expected to be confirmed.

Gaga fans in the US and Canada will have to wait until 2013 to see the pop sensation, but it will be worth the wait, as she’s coming to every major city, and then some.

Complete Lady Gaga tour dates and tickets.

Additionally, Laga Gaga published a post on her official website detailing her upcoming album, Artpop. She claims that Artpop is more of a multimedia project than just a simple album, which will be best enjoyed through an app the Lady Gaga team is developing.

Details on Artpop are scare. Tracklisting still remains unknown, as does an official release date, but it is expected out sometime in early 2013 – perhaps to coincide with her North American concerts.


Green Day Release New Album ‘Uno.’ Start Dropping Previews for ‘Dos.’

As we previously blogged, Green Day announced back on Valentine’s Day that they were back in the studio and finally recording a follow up to 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown, which would be an ambitious triple album to be released somewhere during the Fall of 2012.

¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! will be released separately over a five-month span — on September 25th, November 13th and January 15th, respectively — and represent the punk-rock band’s 9th, 10th and 11th albums.

After slowly getting a preview of new Green Day material throughout the latter months of the summer (music videos, videos of live performances, etc.), ¡Uno! finally saw the light of day earlier this week, with its official release on September 25th. As it turns out, immediatelly following the first release in the new Green Day “trilogy,” a new preview was released for a track off ¡Dos!. Check out “Lazy Bones” below!

The music video for the poppy-sounding second single from ¡Uno! featuring clean guitars and catchy drum and basswork, “Kill the DJ,” was released August 15th, and has been played multiple times live.

Green Day treated the audience at the Reading Fest during their surprise set to a rendition of the “brand new song” “Stay the Night.” “Stay the Night” has the more familiar Green Day sound we’ve come to expect after American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, with its churning guitars and sing-along chorus.

“Troublemaker” made its debut on the Green Day version of Angry Birds. Although only a preview, we´re really keen on this track.

¡Uno!‘s first single, “Oh Love,” hit the internet July 16th and has since been performed onstage. Watch the music video below, with Green Day playing in a seeming studio space surrounded by models. This is the most classic-sounding song we’ve heard yet.

Billy Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool played “Nuclear Family”, “Kill the DJ”, and “Wild One” live at a surprise warmup show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles in early August. “Wild One” just might be our favorite song from the new Green Day material!

“Nuclear Family”

“Wild One”

Green Day also performed new songs at the 2011 performance in Austin City Limits, including ¨Let Yourself Go.¨

¡Uno! Tracklisting:

  1. Nuclear Family
  2. Stay the Nigth
  3. Carpe Diem
  4. Let Yourself Go
  5. Kill the DJ
  6. Fell for You
  7. Loss of Control
  8. Troublemaker
  9. Angel Blue
  10. Sweet 16
  11. Rusty James
  12. Oh Love

It seems as though Green Day just keeps getting bigger and stronger with every album they’ve released since the turn of the millennium, especially after finding a more subdued sound on 2004 smash hit concept album American Idiot and its massively successful follow up, 21st Century Breakdown.

In tune with their passion to not only create new music, but also new-sounding music, Green Day promises to change their style once again, sounding more like a mix of garage rock blended with dance music.

As they told MTV News, “We are at the most prolific and creative time in our lives… This is the best music we’ve ever written, and the songs just keep coming. Instead of making one album, we are making a three album trilogy. Every song has the power and energy that represents Green Day on all emotional levels. We just can’t help ourselves … We are going epic as fuck!”

Green Day is slated to play the Las Vegas’ iHeartRadio Music Festival September 21st and the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans come November.

Additionally, they’ll head out on a UK tour during the months of October and November.

Sign up for Green Day Gig Alerts to be the first to find out when they announce tour dates in your city.

Complete Green Day tour dates and tickets.

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