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MattyB, the stage name of child rapper Matthew Morris, who rose to fame on via internet and YouTube videos. Known for the positive message behind his raps, he has performed on nationally broadcasted shows (TODAY, for example), and has given concerts on his own solo headlining tour.

Matty B tour dates 2015 U.S.

Matty B has 3 concerts concerts scheduled in U.S. in 2015, playing cities like Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas. The last time Matty B played a show in U.S. was 2015, in North Hollywood. Overall, Matty B have played a total of 50 gigs in the country.

Past Matty B gigs in U.S.

Latest Matty B news

Matty B latest news, rumors and lineup confirmations.

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  • jessiep


    hi name is are amazind and you are so cute.

    • 27 Sep 14 14:14
  • amiyahnicole


    I Love yo matty B

    • 8 Jul 14 02:59
  • amiyahnicole


    Hi matty B my name is amiyah I think I'm going to see you

    • 8 Jul 14 02:51
  • mattybhatter404


    matty b is un sucessful 12 year old boy with no talent go cry in a teddy bear you little baby you will never have a girlfriend or your so calle dcareere with end in a very short amoun tof time. just saying. hone. this is show buis your not famus you just play in theaters cause thay have no room for you anywhere eles. your friends are hot just not you a dying seal sounds better than you, and hone, get a life~ your truly!~ matty b hater

    • 4 Jun 14 00:36
  • andr..a.henry


    Même si j'aime MattyB je réalise que je ne le verai JAMAIS!!!

    • 22 Apr 14 20:19
  • fanlover


    I mean alexiya hailey moats

    • 21 Feb 14 01:20
  • fanlover


    I mean matty b

    • 19 Feb 14 03:44
  • fanlover


    Marty b my birthday is May 27th and I want you to come to Morris to come see me please that would be a pleasure to see you please come I hope I see you

    • 18 Feb 14 14:09
  • fanlover


    Can I have your number I love you matty b

    Sincerely your fan,
    Alexis Hailey Moats

    • 18 Feb 14 14:03
  • fanlover


    I really hope that you can visit Chicago because I love your videos I watched like half of them already lol I love you matty b i have all of your songs l really hope that you can comeSinceraly your fan, Alexis Hailey Moats in Morris Ashland circle

    • 18 Feb 14 14:00